ARN vs. Mentoring

Be more than a network contact for a mentor!

The Alumnae Resource Network (ARN) is primarily for connecting with alumnae for short-term networking purposes related to internship and job searching.  Mentoring relationships are different in that they provide students with long-lasting relationships throughout college life and often beyond.

Mentors and mentees spend extended time in getting to know each other and setting up regular “check-ins” meetings, either in-person, via phone, or Skype.  Mentors help mentees by encouraging them to set specific career goals and directing them to the resources that will help them in achieving their goals.  There are more expectations on both ends in a mentoring relationship than there is with a networking contact.

Mentoring relationships can be very rewarding for both mentors and mentees.  Check out the Mentoring Resources section for additional benefits and expectations.

The Career Crossings Office can connect students to potential alumnae mentors, but relationship building is entirely based on the commitment of the student and mentor.  If you experience issues in your mentoring relationship, please contact the Career Crossings Office at